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The first picture is Jasmine as a baby weighing in at 1.9 pounds. Right below her is baby Tori weighing 1.5 pounds. At two months and 3 days old they were just tiny bundles of fur and love.

Sadly, not every kitten is wanted

Each year many cute, lovable kittens are put to sleep

Do your part to help control the cat population. It is wrong for us to permit cats to reproduce and then to have their babies put to sleep

Tori and Jasmine are big girls now. They turned two on February 22, 1999. I thank God for allowing me to adopt my girls. Unfortunately, not every kitten gets to celebrate her first birthday. Please read the following poem and keep it in mind the next time you are tempted to let your cat get pregnant.

Come quick, come quick", their mother said "The time is getting near"
She feels that when the kittens come the children should be here.
She told them that a big orange Tom took "Kitty" as his wife,
"It's wonderful, a gift from God, the miracle of life".
At half a year "Kitty" feels too painful and too scared,
to appreciate six miracles, blind-eyed and yellow haired.
But she knows these lives depend on her and nature tells her how,
and as she cleans them, the children ask, "Mom, can we go now?"
But now and then for six more weeks the children visit her,
to play with six magic toys make of life and fur.
The six weeks pass, the newness gone and new homes yet unfound,
Mom bundles up six miracles and takes them to the pound,
Where lovingly, with gentle hands and no tears left to cry,
the shelter workers kiss them once and take them off to die.
And "Momma Kitty" now when called mourns her loss and then,
she's put outside, and of course, she's pregnant once again.
Dad tells "Kitty", STOP THIS NOW or you won't live here long!,
but deep inside of Momma Cat, this time something's wrong.
Too young, too small, too often bred now nature's gone awry,
Momma Kitty feels it too and she crawls off to die.
She too is freed from this cruel world, and from her time of stife.
How harsh the truth, how high the price this "Miracle of Life"?

By Barry Taylor, DVM