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This handsome guy is Henry. To say that Henry was special would be an understatement. Henry was in a class all of his own. He knew that cats were superior and he never hesitated to let newcomers to our home know this. Henry didn't make friends with people or animals. But oh how he loved my son and me. Henry was a lap cat and 90% of his life was spent sitting on my lap. Henry had a heart of gold. Whenever my son and I were sick or even sad, Henry would know and he would lay with us and offer his comfort. I have many memories of my Henry. My favorite one is as follows: Whenever I didn't feel good Henry would come and lay with me. He would always look me in the eye then reach one paw out and lay it on my face or across my body. There is no doubt in my mind that Henry was letting me know how much he loved me.

My Henry died while he was laying next to me. His death was completely unexpected. A part of me went with Henry on the day that he went to Heaven and a part of Henry is still alive within my heart. My Henry was so very special and he is greatly missed by his family

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