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Meow all kitties and cat lovers. My name is Megan.

ToriJasmine adopted me from the Pets-4-You Cyber Pet Adoption Agency. I think that my new home is purrfect. My mission is to search cyberspace until I find a topic that will be fun and/or educational for all of you kitties and cat lovers. The topics will change monthly as I share with you what I learn.

This months topic is Water. Why is having fresh water so important to us kitties?

Purrs everyone.

I found the following information in the July, 1999, issue of Cat Fancy.

Cats can survive without food for a relatively long time but we will become sick and die within days if we don't have a constant supply of water. During the hot summer months we need more water, even if we live in air conditioned houses.

Our bodies contains more than 70 percent water by weight. Maintaining this amount is critical. In order for our system to function we lose a certain amount of water each day. Water can be lost through our kidneys, intestine, lungs and skin. We don't have sweat glands like humans do, but water does evaporate from our skin surface. This loss helps us to maintain a normal body temperature, especially during the hot, dry summer weather or during periods of increased physical activity.

Under normal conditions, a healthy cat loses 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight daily. In the summer that amount may increase. For example a 10 pound cat typically loses about 1 1/4 cups water daily. To remain healthy, it must consume 1 1/4 cups water each day to reverse the loss.

We can get this supply from the fresh water you provide us and the food that we eat.

Remember that excessive thirst can signal illness, such as certain kidney diseases or diabetes.

We can tell if water has been standing too long, so please provide us with fresh, clean water at all times. For more information, please read the July issue of Cat Fancy!

ToriJasmine and I strongly believe that together, you and I can make a difference. Before visiting the rest of our site, please take a moment to read and sign this petition and take a few minutes to have fun answering the quiz questions. Don't forget to visit next month to find out what my new topic will be. Bring along some catnip and toys, because even though I take this learning stuff seriously, I like to play too! Now it is time for me to get back into my carrier so that I can explore the web for more facts.

Purrs until next month!

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