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This website belongs to my sister Jasmine and me. But this page belongs solely to me!

My name is Tori.

This is a picture of me on a Sunday afternoon. My mom got up to do something and I stold her blanket, if you look real close you will see Jasmine's leg. Jasmine and I are never to far away from each other.

I am the "talker". Jasmine is always right behind me, but it's my job to wake mommy up and tell her when it's time for snacks.

I am also very pampurred. I have a 12 year old human brother who plays with me, a mom who lets me do almost anything that I want and a dad that lets mom let me do almost anything that I want!

Just recently we moved into a house. We have a yard that is compeltely fenced in and our mommy lets us out to play under strict supervision. Guess who lives in our yard? A mama bird and three baby birds. There are alot of other birds that come and play in our yard too. I love being outside and playing with the birds. They like to play too. They swoop down close to me then they fly back up to a telephone wire and sing to me! Mom's going to take some pictures so hopefully soon she will be able to post some.