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I am so very proud of the background that I am using for this page. Why? Take a close look. The handsome cat that you see is my very own Henry! Henry as most people know, is no longer with me. However, his spirit and love is beating very strongly inside of my heart.

Tori and Jasmine's First Award!

September 15, 1998

Thank you BooBoo, CC, Bubba, and Skuzzy

Tori and Jasmine is Proud to Receive this Second Award

September 16, 1998


Thank You SueCat, Smokey, Leo, and Buttons

Tori and Jasmine is Excited Over this Award

September 17, 1998

Thank You Angela, Lisa, Carlos, Bella, Leo, and Stinker

Tori & Jasmine are purring over this Award

September 21, 1998

Thanks to The Boys: Spiffy, Missy, and Bandit

The girls love their Site with heart award

October 7, 1998

Thank You CatAnna & Monday the mediatative cat

The Heavenly Site Award

October 7, 1998

Thanks again to CatAnna & Monday the mediatative cat

Clubs that the girls are proud to be members of: